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Few browsers compete with “heavyweights” such as Google Chrome and Opera. In our country, only a few browsers are popular, we simply don’t know about the rest. What does this indicate? Natural selection, time testing and competition passed only the best samples of mobile software. Download Firefox for Android – very simple, for this you need to make a couple of clicks. Follow the link to select the appropriate browser configuration.


Let’s talk about the good: pluses of the mobile version

Of course, the smartphone format itself imposes certain restrictions. There is not too much useful space, you have to squeeze something, shuffle elements… The mobile version of Firefox is different from the computer. Still, Firefox for a computer offers more personalization options. And they try to “pull” the mobile version just before that indicator.

Mozilla-Firefox-android Mozilla-Firefox-android Mozilla-Firefox-android

Note that it is quite successful: you can select a search engine, configure bookmarks. In short, almost the entire functionality of the full version is available. Firefox for android free download also offers a privacy regime, without which not a single full-format browser is now dispensed.

More information about this mode can be found on the developer’s website, but we will only describe the main features. The history in the mode of private viewing is not preserved in principle, the session is protected against surveillance. It will not help to hide data from special services – these guys have their own channels. But everyone else will not be able to track you and the history of your visits.

Mozilla-Firefox-android Mozilla-Firefox-android  Mozilla-Firefox-android

Another important point is speed. Performance does not depend on the power of the device – this is a very common mistake. In fact, the important thing is how well optimized software is for specific systems and hardware capabilities. How quickly the browser will work depends on the rational distribution of machine resources. Firefox by speed is in the top three.


Download Mozilla Firefox for Android

Please note that for the best result, select the correct browser configuration. On our site you will find software for Android of any version.

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