Firefox for MAC OS

Users of computers operating under the Mac OS operating system are well aware that their gadgets are one of the most reliable, high-speed and high-quality devices, therefore download firefox for MAC OS. To make the Internet at apple gadgets just “fly”, users try to choose the most reliable browser for themselves. Ideal for Mac – Firefox for a computer. This browser has not only high page loading speed and stable operation, but also the maximum level of security.


With Mozila Firefox, the owner of the Macbook will be able to configure the interface of his own gadget according to his needs. If necessary, you can hide any of your actions on the Global Web, automatically clean cookies, save access to various services and perform a number of other operations that cannot be done in other browsers.

What is needed for installation?

Everyone knows that apple gadgets are one of the most powerful, they have maximum system requirements, so there will be no problems with installing the browser.


It is only necessary to have 200 free mb of memory on the disk, as well as 512 mb of operating. Quite a bit. The OS is suitable for loading, starting from 10.5

To start the installation, make sure that you have continuous access to the Internet. The installation process will take you no more than 5 minutes. First, you must open the downloaded file, provided that it has not been launched automatically. Next, we transfer the browser shortcut to the “Applications” section. Everything is elementary, no more action is needed, you can start using the browser.


If an error occurs, simply click on the Apple icon, which is located in the left corner of the monitor, go to the settings and check the box “Open anyway”.

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