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Download Firefox for Windows 10 – This is a great opportunity for those who value the comfort of using the capabilities of the new generation of Internet browsers. At the end of 2015, users who had official versions of the Windows operating system got the opportunity to switch to a new, tenth version of the OS from developers for free, and there was a need to download the corresponding browsers.


Features of updated Firefox

Firefox developers are not far behind updates to modern operating systems, and therefore there is always the ability to download Firefox for free from the official website to use the latest version with installed updates for the computer or a variety of mobile gadgets.

Firefox for a computer has an updated design that characterizes:

  • enlargement of controls;
  • flat, simplified and minimalist style;
  • certification requirement for each extension.

Important! When playing some media files, it may disappear in Firefox for Windows 10 sound, and this is not a browser problem – this is an OS problem. The solution is to restart the equipment.


Still, there remains the ability to select a search engine to install a search bar and its settings. The new Firefox for android or Firefox for iphone also has larger icons, which is very convenient for users, given the small smartphone screens.

How to install

To install the program, it is possible to download the installation file from the official website for free. It is very important to carefully consider the choice of sources for download so that they are safe and do not harm the software of the PC. Further, the phased installation takes only a few simple steps:

  • in downloads we find the installer, run it;
  • after starting in the displayed window, check the box on the record “Create shortcut …”;
  • click on the “Install” button and the installation process directly starts;
  • after the soon completion of unpacking of archives and installation, you can run the program and start using it.


In order to download Firefox for the phone, it is better to go from the device to Google Play, where it is possible to download the corresponding utility.

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