Firefox для Windows 7

Dreaming of fast downloading all pages on the Internet? Then you need a powerful, high-speed and stable browser. In addition, do not forget about security. Which browser meets all these requirements? It’s over, Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7. Mosila is a great choice for various OSs, in particular for Windows 7.

firefox-dlya-windows- 7

Uninterrupted operation, a wide selection of additional functions, unlimited opportunities for working on the Internet. Download Firefox for free on the browser’s official website. Not so long ago, the developers asked for a small fee as a donation, but today this is not. The program is in the public domain.

Basic requirements of Mosila Firefox for Windows 7

Even the weakest computers are suitable for installing the Firefox Mosil. The load on RAM with this browser is as minimal as possible – 512 mb, is this a miracle? Quite. This browser occupies almost 150 mb less memory than all other programs for working on the Internet. It is important that you use the updated version of Windows 7 for installation, the processor should be no lower than Intel 4, memory on the hard drive – at least 200 mb.

firefox-dlya-windows- 7

Installation process

The browser is installed very easily. You will only need to spend a few minutes of free time to press a few buttons. Before downloading, make sure your internet is stable. After that, start downloading by pressing the treasured download.

Important moment! Install the browser only from reliable sources, preferably from the official website. Be careful if the system requires you to turn off the antivirus program during download. Such a site cannot be trusted categorically.

Action sequence

  • put the file on the download;
  • select let the settings and create a program shortcut on the desktop;
  • click on the “buttonset.

firefox-dlya-windows- 7

Everything is ready. You can start work.

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