Mozilla Firefox для Windows 8

The fact that the browser core remains the same can be easily verified if download Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8. The functionality and other advantages for which users love and value Mozilla products has not changed at all and makes up the usual triad:

  • Reliability. The frequency of unforeseen program completes is the least of all browsers on the market.
  • Quickness. Tests show that even the famous Google products cannot get ahead of Firefox in speed.
  • Convenience. Customize the program for yourself with a huge number of elements that you can enable, disable, drag, swap and change the color.

 firefox-dlya-windows- 8

System requirements

Even the latest browser versions easily go on weak machines, which cannot be said about competitors. The penthium 4 and 512 MB of memory is all he needs. Of course, memory consumption can increase, but everything is solved using a fine tuning to which Firefox for a computer is capable of “out of a box”.

firefox-dlya-windows- 8

Reliable sources

Firefox – open source software. This means that anyone and everyone can make changes to the program, for example, implement user tracking modules that steal your passwords and other personal data, and pass the edited program for the original version. The original, meanwhile, spreads completely free of charge, and there is no need to look for how download Firefox for Windows 8 or climb the program into file-sharing networks where it is highly likely to stumble upon counterfeit products.

firefox-dlya-windows- 8

Browser installation

You should run the installer you downloaded. In the window that opens, click “Settings” if you are not happy with what the software offers by default. After completing the settings, click “Install”.

If the program is already standing, then instead of “Set” there will be a button “Refresh“. Update – since the latest versions are always safer.

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