Firefox для Windows XP

Download Firefox for Windows XP requires users who prefer to use the classic Windows XP operating system on their device. Developers recommend updating the browser program to fully protect the user and his actions in the Internet space. The new version of Firefox 3.6 and 12 excludes all vulnerabilities that were in earlier utility options.


System requirements

Firefox for Windows XP is able to provide stable operation even with weak computer specifications. It should be noted that the program uses a minimum of PC resources, which makes the browser more preferable in any situation. All technical requirements are simple and loyal:

  • 200 mb of free space on the PC hard drive is required;
  • 512 mb of operating room or more;
  • at least the Pentium 4 processor;
  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 and newer options.

Thus, Firefox for a computer can work on the vast majority of not only new, but also several outdated user computers.


How to install

To install, you only need a couple of minutes of free time and the stability of the connection with the source on the Internet. Downloading the browser is absolutely free, and the installation process is quite simple:

  • download and run the program installation file in downloads;
  • in the new window, click on “Settings” and set the desired values for the user or leave everything “default”;
  • click on the “Install” button and wait for the end of the file unpacking process.

The installation takes only a few minutes, and even a beginner will cope with this task. It is important to note that you should not download the installer from unknown sources that cannot be trusted, as this leads to certain problems. It is better to choose authoritative, official sources. Moreover Mazila Firefox is free!

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