Firefox Focus

At the end of 2015, the corporation Mozilla released the Focus content blocker. At the end of 2016, a basic browser that does not have additional functions was added to the “locker”. In 2017, Firefox Focus became a browser with basic and additional functions that maintain user privacy and block advertising modules. Therefore, the decision made download Firefox Focus for free, will allow the user to become the owner of an excellent mobile web browser for Android or PC.


Firefox Focus Benefits

The browser is endowed with a number of positive characteristics:

  1. Automatically lock an online tracker that reduces the download speed and sometimes secretly collects information about the owner of the device.
  2. Cookies, cache files and view history are cleaned as soon as the user leaves the browser. And also the user can clear the history of visiting sites by simply clicking on the “Corn” icon, which is located in the corner of the display.
  3. Small size. Therefore, a browser can be installed in a device with limited capabilities.

Additional device features

Firefox Focus has several additional features:

  • ad tracking counter – it records the number of ads that were blocked during the use of the application;
  • disconnecting the tracker lock system – this function can be used when the site is loaded incorrectly and you need to fix the problem;
  • a reminder of the need to clear the history of the session – this function is used at the time of operation in the background;
  • Black Lists mode.

Installation steps Firefox focus on a mobile or stationary device

Download Mozilla for a phone or PC by performing several consecutive actions:

  1. Connect to the Internet.
  2. Find the page on which the link for downloading the web browser is located.
  3. Follow the link found.
  4. On the page that appears, find the “Download for Free” or “Download” tab (these bookmarks are intended to download the installation file to a PC or mobile phone).
  5. “Click” on the bookmark found by double-clicking the “muscle” key.
  6. After the boot file is completed, you will need to “click” on the sign of the installation file. And after the file dialog box appears, select the “Install” tab in it and click on it with the “muscle”.

Download Firefox Focus for Free

After completing these actions, the Mozilla browser can be considered loaded and ready for use. The application is launched by double-clicking on the web browser icon.

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