Firefox loads the processor

What if Firefox loads the processor? Deal with the causes and eliminate the problems.

Usually Mozilla firefox can load the processor for the following reasons:

  • Outdated version. Old versions may not work correctly on modern computers. It is recommended to update the version used to the latest model.
  • Too many open tabs. Excessive amounts can seriously interfere with the operation of the computer. It’s best to close a few. You should select those on which sites with complex scripts are open.
  • Plugins. Some plugins load the processor. Especially if you use a large number of extensions in the browser. You can try to turn off some of them and check if the load on the processor has decreased.


There are other reasons: the topic of design, a long time of operation, a too weak computer, etc. There are, however, universal solutions to the problem.

How to fix the flaw?

First of all, try rebooting the browser. If it doesn’t help, then the computer.

Specialists found that up to 97 % all computer problems can be eliminated by simply restarting the system.

  • If you like to watch videos in HD quality, try updating the driver for your card. This can eliminate the overload on the device.
  • Sometimes the reason may be the only running script on some tab. In this case, it is enough to close the tab.
  • You can also use hardware acceleration or even speed up Firefox itself. Please note: hardware acceleration can lead to other unpredictable troubles.
  • Finally, sadly, but the excessive load on the central processor may indicate the need to purchase a new computer.

What plugins to turn off?

There is no exact answer to this question, but some experts point out that ad blockers can consume too much resources. It is also worth paying attention to those plugins that replace the style of designing certain sites.

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