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Today, the problem of using a browser in the conditions of certain system features remains relevant as before, when Google Crome was considered the fastest and Mozilla flexible browser. Over time, the benefits of each application changed in one direction or another. Despite the development of several new browsers, which turned out to be quite functional, Google Chrome and Firefox still not lost their leadership. Let’s try to figure out the leading positions in which indicators the developers of each of the companies managed to maintain.

Program Performance

It is worth noting that despite the use of various engines, such as Gecko, supporting the principle of XML User Interface Language for Firefox and WebKit on KHTML in the KJS environment, with the KDE graphics for Chrome used, both browsers are equally successful in coping with the fast-acting task. Some experts pay attention to the ability of Mozilla to interact more successfully with cache, which helps to reduce the time of reloading.

Features and Interface

Each of the browsers can be customized in a user-friendly way, and also supports many extensions and additions. Despite this, Chrome is a little inferior in convenience to Farfox.  Also, one of the Mozilla trump cards remains numerous plugins that increase the user’s comfort while traveling online.

Security level

Under US law, Google, Mozilla, is required to share user data. Applications provide for working with disabled cookies installed by the master password or in private mode of viewing the web page. Also, the activities of both companies are aimed at a serious fight against malicious resources.


It is quite difficult to single out a clear leader in the considered parameters, which is why both Google Chrome and Mozilla for a computer can be considered a good choice in a given situation.

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