Firefox not showing video

What if Firefox doesn’t show the video? There are several reasons and each deserves a separate conversation.

Does Flash work?

Mozilla for PC plays video using the special Adobe Flash Player extension. It could get tired or break. It is recommended to update. Visit the official website (, then follow simple instructions to help install a fresh player.


However, there are resources with a player that runs on HTML5. Try watching the video on such a site. If it still does not lose, look at the following possible problems.

Old extensions

In browser Mozilla A variety of extensions are usually included. Some are not updated later. As a result, compatibility problems may arise.

To eliminate possible malfunctions, click on the link: and the browser itself to offer to update your extensions.

However, other problems may be associated with extensions:

  • Locker. Some sites block individual functions in a browser with certain extensions. First of all, with ad blockers (AdBlock). Try disconnecting the extension.
  • Not included. Some extensions may be turned off. It is recommended to make sure that all necessary extensions are included and work.

Patch cleaning

Operation often helps in case of malfunctions.

The easiest way to clear the cache is to open the “history” menu and select “delete the recent history”. The browser will offer to choose the period for which you want to clear the story. Choose “for all time.

Make sure that the box is opposite the “kesh” item, and opposite the other points it is removed. Click on “delete now.

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