Firefox Portable

Download Firefox Portable in Russian it is required for people who always love to have at least a lightweight version of their favorite browser at hand. This version of the browser allows you to install the utility on a flash drive, and use the browser not only on your computer, but also on any other, without fear for your own data, since everything passes through the firefox browser, which then a person takes with him on a flash drive.


Features and features

Portable by Mozilla Firefox works quite successfully with the latest operating systems, as well as with the classic and outdated Windows 98 or the 2000 OS version. The program works freely enough with Linux and other systems, and more than 60 million people in Europe have preferred the portable version.

This Firefox for a computer has the following characteristics:

  • differs from the stationary version only by the launch method;
  • has a familiar classic interface;
  • allows you to change the search bar settings.

The program can be supplemented with browser extenuating functions with plugins or updates, as is the case with the original version. A feature of working with a browser in this case is optimized work with flash devices, for which it was possible to maintain the history of page visits on the Internet, and also abolished in principle cache. When a user leaves the application, all cookies are deleted.


Installation Requirements

The installation file takes only 43 megabytes, and after installation the browser occupies only 107 mb, which is not enough for modern drives. Effective operation requires 200 mb of operating time, as well as a processor in a PC not lower than Pentium 4. The optimal one will be the minimum availability of a 512 mb video card to view media files. The program can be launched even from cloud space, which is very convenient for remote access.

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