Firefox consumes a lot of memory

If Mozilla firefox began to consume too much memory, this leads to poor consequences:

  • Frequent hangs.
  • Increased danger program closures.
  • Brakes at work.

The unspoken standard for browser memory consumption is from 300 to 500 megabytes. If Firefox consumes gigabytes of RAM, then the application closes and offers to send an error report.

How much does the Mozilla browser consume?

To find out the amount of RAM consumed by the browser, just start the task manager, where all the information is provided. Do the following:

  • Click three keys: Ctrl, Alt, Delete.
  • Computer will ask about what you want to do. Choose “start task manager.
  • Come in in “Processes.
  • Find “firefox.exe. On the contrary, the amount of RAM consumed will be indicated.

If the application eats too much RAM, you can take a number of useful actions aimed at reducing the consumption of computer resources by applying.

What to do?

A lot of resources are spent on maintaining plugins, additional extensions, etc. In particular, if many deposits with the flash used are open, it is recommended to close at least part. AdBlock’s extension aimed at eliminating advertising is also popular. It has been proven that the plugin consumes more resources than if the Firefox browser for Windows 10 loaded ads on the site. Therefore, it is recommended to turn it off.

Also, do not open too many tabs at the same time. The unspoken standard is no more than 20 at the same time.

Sometimes, however, simpler options help: reboot the browser or computer. It has been proven that up to 95 % all problems are solved by simple reboot. If this helped, it is recommended to restart the system more often.

If you want to solve the problem in the bud, it is best to purchase additional memory or update the entire computer.

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