Internet Explorer 10 для Windows XP

Internet Explorer 10 is the penultimate browser from Microsoft in this line. It was released closer to mid-2011 exclusively for Windows 7, and then for Wing 8. Further versions worked exclusively on the G8.As a result, Microsoft developed IE 10 exclusively for Vin 8. Therefore, integration with this operating system is the closest in the browser. There are two editions: a built-in Metro version, in which there is no support for plugins, and a standard desktop version, with full capabilities.First acquaintance with Internet Explorer 10

Browser Features

Traditionally, Microsoft is working on the speed, ease of use and security of its software. All these parameters have been improved in the new Internet Explorer. But now, support for touch input has been added to the list of possibilities.


The launch speed of the Internet Explorer, as well as the download of sites, has been significantly increased. The speed of performance is seen by the naked eye. The browser uses all the power of the computer and rationally consumes the resources of the network. In this case, it consumes a small amount of RAM, if compared with most analogues. There is support for playing video in HD (good quality standard), including in stream format. Now the images and interactive content are displayed with increased clarity, not spending Internet traffic much.


Microsoft has finalized the program interface, greatly simplified in the ninth version. Previously, there was a separation of the address input line and search queries. Now they are combined into one located at the top of the center. This significantly increased the convenience of page navigation.Search with Internet Explorer 10 Address LineFor Win 8, the ability to display selected pages on the start screen is available. This allows you to quickly access any sites.Adding a site to the main screen of Internet Explorer 10For Win 8, the ability to display selected pages on the start screen is available. This allows you to quickly access any sites.


For Internet Explorer of the 10th version, a special security filter based on technology is used Smartscreen. It sorts Internet content by screening out data that may contain malicious code or pose a threat to the computer. Even downloaded files are investigated.SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer 10However, a tracking protection system is activated. Many sites collect user information: location, network address, popular requests and other data. But this system allows you to protect information from use by third parties. These two innovations can be called especially important, since they give the user a greater degree of security on the Web and prevent the receipt of viruses.

Touch Input Support

Users are available to view the contents in full screen mode. If you activate it, then all navigation elements will disappear until their use is required. PC users and owners of mobile devices have this opportunity. The second is enough with one swip finger to scroll through the site back or forth. The size of the tabs is increased so that it is more convenient to work with them in touch mode. This also applies to tiles Metro.Internet Explorer 10 Tabs

Download IE10

Do not trust sites offering Internet Explorer 10 installments for Windows XP. The browser is not officially supported for old operating systems. And no third-party means can fix this situation. The tenth version of the Internet browser is installed with Windows 8. It is possible to update IE on the seven. He is not compatible with the rest of the OS. It is better for them to use browsers from third-party developers or the eighth version Internet

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