Internet Explorer 11 для Windows XP

Microsoft’s eleventh version of the built-in Internet Explorer is final. It is supported for “seven” with SP1 and “eight. Unfortunately, there is no Internet Explorer for Windows XP. For this operating system, there is no possibility of installing it.

First launch of Internet Explorer 11

Browser innovations

Microsoft has long developed its own line of browsers. The eleventh version is the last to be released under the name IE. Consider its features and innovations in detail.

High performance

The main user complaint to the Microsoft Internet browser has always been its speed. Pages were not loaded fast enough when compared with analogues from other manufacturers. This time, the developer worked significantly on the performance of his own program. Now it is possible to simultaneously open hundreds of tabs.

Windows tab display 7

But there is a slight trick: unused sites are unloaded from memory, but hanging in the interface.Lots of Internet Explorer 11 tabsIf the user decides to open them, then the connection to the resource will be reconnected. You can view all the tabs by pressing Win + Z at the same time. You can synchronize data from different devices. This will be useful, for example, when a person was looking at an important document from a laptop, and then came home. An open resource will be automatically available on a stationary computer.

Site opening speed

Microsoft has long analyzed user algorithms for surfing the Internet (container viewing). IE11 has introduced a predictive system for downloading sites that accelerate access to them. It is designed to optimize the functioning of the program and increase speed. It is enough to enter a name in the address bar, and the system will provide useful resources on this topic.

Pre-active Internet Explorer 11

At the same time, a connection with them will immediately improve. And while the user chooses the site to open, he will partially load. This also allows you to increase the speed of working on the Internet.

Improving the system of the chosen

Microsoft developers took into account the wishes of users and modernized the system of the chosen one (sometimes called bookmarks). You can open it if you click on the star icon. Added the ability to personalize the favorites, enter new pictures and filter content. Streamline the contents using folders. It is possible to synchronize information with PCs and laptops on Win 8.1.

Selected Internet Explorer 11 System

Close integration with installed applications

The Internet Explorer of the eleventh version has been working with installed applications from the Windows store. Consider everything with a specific example: the user opens the furniture delivery site on which the contact phone is indicated. It is enough to press a few clicks with the mouse, and then in the next window the call will start according to the specified number. You can configure parallel viewing. It will be especially relevant when reading mail or learning news. It is possible to open two or more browser windows on the screen. Then it will be possible to study several resources at the same time, compare their data, or read an article while watching the video.

Browser loading

Alas, downloading Internet Explorer 11 for Windows XP is not possible. The browser is not intended for this version of the operating system. It is supported exclusively for Win 7 SP1, as well as Win 8. Accordingly, if you want to use IE11, you will have to update OS. This option is not particularly convenient for many, but there is simply no other way.

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