How to disable images in Firefox

We were inspired to write this article by a problem that arose with the release of Mozilla Firefox 23 – how to disable images in Firefox? Why they need to be disabled is clear only to owners of the Internet with a fee for traffic.

The fact is that before the 23rd version of the Mozilla browser on the PC, the option “Do not load images” in Firefox was, and then disappeared. Therefore, users have to go to various tricks to save traffic.

Using a third party app

Of course, the best option would be to have a convenient toggle. We want pictures – we turn them on, we don’t want them – we turn them off. Or separately configure the display of graphics for each site. There is a nice extension for this called Image-Show-Hide.

To install it, go to Menu → Addons → Get Addons. Enter the name of the add-on in the search box, and when the browser finds it, click the “Install” button. Restart Firefox.

The button to enable and disable the plugin can be dragged to the toolbar, getting the desired switch, and in the addon itself, you can flexibly configure the list of sites where images are needed or not needed.

Using system settings

Browser Firefox also has deep system settings, however, they are not on the surface. Type about:config into the address bar and confirm to your browser that you understand the risk.

Please remember that your actions are really risky: absolutely any browser settings can be changed in the list of settings that opens, so do not touch anything that does not relate to our subject.

Find the permissions.default.image line on the page and double-click on its value – the number 1. Replace it with 2, and all the tabs that are open in your browser will be reloaded already with pictures turned off.

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