How to make Firefox the default browser

If when you click on any link, the system opens up an uncomfortable, heavy and outdated Internet Explorer for you, then it’s time to change the settings and switch the browser that is considered your priority. Firefox is much more convenient, there is the ability to create a personal profile that will show you your favorite bookmarks and include extensions, from whatever computer you enter it. How to do Firefox default browser?

There is a 3 way. The first is for “newcomers”

That is, for those who have never launched a “firefly” on their computer. All you have to do is download Firefox, find the downloaded file and start the installation process. The system will prompt further steps and will definitely offer to assign a Firefox by default. Be sure to agree (or put a dot / checkmark, in general, do what the installation wizard requires). After that, any links and online documents will definitely open in the right browser, and you can forget about the nightmatically slow IE.

Method 2, for those who have a browser on their PC

You already have “Fire”, you don’t want to reinstall it, but you still need to change the program by default? Do this by changing the settings.

1. Open the browser window. 2. In the upper right corner, find a button with three horizontally located stripes. 3. Click on it. A small menu will open. Now you need to find the button in the form of a gear – “settings” – and click on it. 4. A settings window will appear in front of you. Open the “main” tab, find the “default” option and click on it with the mouse. 5. Done! You may need to restart the program, but the option to download Firefox for the computer and put it again can be postponed until better times.

Method 3, absolutely for everyone

If the first 2 options did not work out, you can simply set a priority for the desired browser in system settings.

1. We open “Start“. 2. We select in the right column the button where it says “default programs“. 3. Next, in the tab “Access Settings and Defaults” select “other“. 4. Find Default firefox and confirm by clicking on the enter key or pressing the enter key.

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