How to remove Eshield from Firefox to protect your PC

Modern installation programs strive to bring various software systems to your personal computer that can significantly reduce your productivity. In addition, more advertising, banners and new start-up pages of Internet browsers often appear. There are a large number of ways not only to prevent their appearance, but also to cure their PCs from them. To do this, you need to know how to remove Eshield from Firefox.

The installation of Eshield occurs when you select a batch installation of applications downloaded from the Internet. Choosing a manual option, you can uncheck those points that do not suit you. If you use this option, then you will be able to forget about this problem for a long time.

Actual methods of solving the problem

There are two ways to remove Eshield from Mozilla Firefox for PCs: completely reinstalling the browser or cleaning the system. Unfortunately, modern viruses are able to successfully “survive” the first method, since their program code is stored outside the browser. It is for this reason that Mozilla should be “treated” and not deleted.

One of the most effective ways is to phase out virus programs and remove them. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the task manager;
  • Close the GameConsole.exe and / or eShieldBrowserSecurity.exe processes;
  • Open the C: / Program Files or C: / ProgramData folders, and then the Eshield folder;
  • Delete its contents;
  • Delete the contents of the C: users folder and the username of the appdatalocal nt2;

It is also necessary to thoroughly clean the registry. It is highly recommended to do this on your own, as this can affect the performance of the system. It is highly recommended that you use the CCleaner program or its alternative.

Check and the browser extension tab to disable extraneous unwanted programs. Restoring the normal operation of the system is easy!

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