How to uninstall Firefox completely? Review of effective solutions!

Mozilla users for Android or for the phone can easily remove the browser, as these systems have a convenient tool for quickly removing programs. Personal computers and their systems are much more complex, so you need to take a number of additional steps to completely remove the program.

It is important to know how to remove Firefox completely, since a non-removable program or its “residues” can significantly slow down the system, as well as interfere with your work and perform everyday tasks. If you do not need a browser, then delete it correctly!

Removing Firefox from Windows Systems

Each version of the Windows operating system is not much different than the visual component, so this algorithm is applicable to any OS. First of all, click “Start” and then “Control Panel”.

In the open window you should find the “Programs and Components” button. After clicking on it, a window will appear in which all installed programs on your personal computer will be displayed. Find Mozilla, and then click on it. The next step is to press the “Delete” key, which is located at the top of the window.

Then a special program will start, which will be responsible for removing the browser. Follow her instructions to ensure that the program is completely deinstalled. In general, all your steps will be to press the Next button sequentially.

In the end, you will need to clear all the data that is stored in browser folders. Their addresses on Windows have the following form:

  • 32-bit Windows: C: Program FilesMozilla Firefox.
  • 64-bit: C: Program Files (x86) Mozilla Firefox.

User Data Deleting

Unfortunately, after such deletion, some of your personal data is still stored in the computer’s memory. To completely remove them, several additional steps should be taken:

  • Open the “Start” tab;
  • Search the system on request “% APPADATA %;
  • Select Mozilla and delete it;

After that, there will be no traces of the browser on the computer!

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