How to remove from Firefox?

Installing low-quality software can lead to computer infection. is an example of such a batch virus. It is prescribed in the Windows registry when the user has not automatically unchecked the opposite of the option to install additional programs.


The virus copies the design of the popular portal and sets it up as the first page. Thus, Mozilla users for windows 10 do not see what they are used to, but something completely different. How to remove it?

There are several options:

  • Removal by built-in means. Go to the control panel. Select “programs and components”, then delete programs. Destroy any traces of Then go to the browser properties (right-click on the shortcut). Choose an “object”. Remove excess by leaving only firefox.exe.
  • Use of additional software. In this way, you can remove not only, but also other malicious code. True, it may take more time. Download any official application removal utility. Install and run it. From the list of installed software, select the desired one and click on the “clean” button. All the work will take quite a bit of time.
  • Manual registry cleaning. The most difficult way to remove, but also the most reliable. Launch the regedit utility. Click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER, after which select the Software folder. Here, pay attention to Mozilla / Firefox, and then to the search page. This is where the record should be. Remove it and the browser performance will be quickly restored.

These are the main ways to remove batch type malicious code.

Now we need to talk about some safety methods that are recommended to be followed.

Safety above all!

First of all, it is recommended to abandon the habit of installing software from unverified sources. Use only proven software downloaded from the official website.

Secondly, it is recommended to uncheck all additional points. You don’t know why you need this or that software? So, most likely you will not need it. Feel free to uncheck.

Thirdly, the less software – the better. It is recommended to limit the number of programs used to the required level. This not only saves free disk space, but can also extend the life of the computer.

We hope that now everything will be all right with your computer.

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