How to remove Mystartsearch from Firefox

When loading the browser, it suddenly appears that the start page has undergone dramatic changes. What’s the matter? Here the infected software tried – Mystartsearch. It acts like, eShield, Fast Start. How to remove Mystartsearch from Firefox we will tell in more detail.

Where did it come from?

To begin with, we will determine how the software hit the PC. As usual, all the blame falls on the user, because only a person gives permission to install new software, sometimes in line with the recommendations of antivirus programs. Sometimes malware is “attached” to standard utilities for downloading torrent files, converters and e-books.

Removal Methods

There are both simple and advanced methods.

  1. Re-install the browser. Try it download Mozilla free from the official site. For the first time, this can help. However, the software remains in the PC’s memory and will again take up the old.
  2. Refresh the operating system by first dropping a copy to disk.
  3. Download Avast utility: browser cleaning from the developer.
  4. Carry out manual removal.

The latter method can show difficult for inexperienced users, but the most effective.

Mechanical removal

  1. Preliminary stage:
  • On the button “Start»Select“ Programs and Components ”.
  • Marking a malicious program by pressing the left key of the manipulator.
  • In the upper field, click “Delete.
  • Launch the application “Task manager»In a convenient way.
  • Find IEPlugin services, check with a checkmark, click OK
  1. Stage of cleaning system folders and files:
  • Go to C: / Program Files.
  • Mark Mystartsearch, Global Update, SupTab – delete.
  • Log in to C: / Program Files / ProgramData.
  • Delete Windows Manger Protect, IePluginServices, XDLC.job.
  1. Reliability control of browser shortcut address:
  • On the monitor table screen, select Mosilla Firefox, open the “Properties” menu.
  • In the address bar, delete all excess text by leaving firefox.exe.
  1. Browser setup:

At the final stage, it is necessary to determine the parameters for the correct display of the home page. For this:

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox.
  • Dial about: config in the line, agreeing to a pop-up message.
  • Enter mystartsearch in the search bar.
  • Press “Drop” in each line with malware.
  • Type about: preferences in the search bar.
  • Customize the preferred version of the start page and search engine.

Now your PC is cleared!

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