How to remove Yahoo from Firefox

When you download and install free programs on your personal computer, you will be required to install a couple more programs in parallel. Usually such offers come if you want to install a torrent client. When you install the software, you should first delete the checkboxes in all settings. Otherwise, Fast Start or will appear on your computer. Similar programs that are set “for the company” have recently appeared more than enough. So sooner or later you will want to remove Yahoo from Firefox. We will tell you how to do it correctly and painlessly.

how to remove yahoo from firefox forever

How to remove the toolbar and search from Firefox Mozilla for PC

We figured out how completely unnecessary to us, and sometimes even an off-drying program got on our computer. Now the next step is to determine how to get rid of it so that it does not interfere.

What does browser cleaning do? If you manage to implement this procedure, you will surely get rid of:

  • Custom settings related to it;
  • The resulting plugin;
  • Previously connected scripts.

Thanks to this, all access to social networks and other services, as well as those bookmarks that you made, will not be lost. To return the browser to the settings that are set there by default, you must go to about: support. A window will appear in front of you where you can select “Clear Firefox”.

How to remove the toolbar and search using additional software

There is another way to use. In fact, it is not much different from that which has already been described, but it cannot be mentioned. It will help when it is impossible to start the browser. And he effectively and without a trace removes Yahoo Search from search. To this end, you must download the program, which is called Avast Browser Cleanup, without fail. This program is free for users, so the best place to find it is the official website of its developer. Launch the utility, select Mozilla Firefox and decisively press the “Clean” button.

Additional opportunity

This option should be applied when all other attempts have failed. The procedure is simple – the browser is simply removed using the components of the operating system. Well, we also need a new distribution, which can be taken there on the site.

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