How to install Firefox

Download Firefox is worth when you need a new generation stable browser, and you should learn how install Firefox on your computer or mobile gadget.


Firefox Options

Firefox is able to work in combination with most of the most common OPs, which makes the browser more and more popular among users. It is installed without any problems or shortcomings, and can work on systems including Windows and Linux, Mac OS X and Linux. In the Ubuntu system, this browser is originally installed as defaulted.


Installing a program takes a minimum amount of time, and does not require any special knowledge of programming or computer science from the user.

Installing the Firefox browser in the modern Linux system

The process is quite simple:

  • download the installer to the home directory daddy;
  • make the transition through the terminal to cd ~;
  • tar xjf firefox- * .tar.bz2 – we are unloading from the archive;
  • start the ~ / firefox / firefox script from a daddy with the same name in the device’s memory.

Installing the Firefox browser on Windows


Here the situation is even simpler:

  • download Firefox from safe sources;
  • launch the Firefox Setup Stub.exe application;
  • unpack the settings necessary for the user;
  • click on the button “Set“.

kak-ustanovit-firefox kak-ustanovit-firefox

Installing the Firefox browser on Mac OS

In this case, there is nothing complicated either:

  • download Firefox is possible directly on the MacStore;
  • open the existing file package in Finder, drag the browser character into a folder called “Programs“;
  • or just find the utility in the market and click “Set“.

At the same time, installing a browser does not take long time, and takes only a couple of minutes. To start using the program, you do not need to restart the PC or additional changes in settings – you can start the browser immediately after the program is directly installed.

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