How to check Mozilla Firefox version

Any software product must be updated periodically. This step is necessary in order to protect oneself from various bugs and shortcomings, as well as to use the most modern functionality. This statement is especially valid for a variety of browsers. Each user needs to know, how to find out the version of your Firefox, so as not to face various problems.


A quick way to find out the browser version

If you want to know the entire ins and outs of the browser, then you need an appropriate item in the browser settings. To do this, you need to go to the panel “Menu“which you can get into by pressing a button with three stripes. In the field that appears, find the ” buttonHelp“or”?“which is placed in a circle.

In the window that appears, you will need to click on the active button “About Firefox»- You will see a digital designation, which will be the version of your browser. It is important if you just managed to download Firefox to your computer, then check the version and, if necessary, update the application to the current version.

In addition, usually in the version window there will be a link that you want to go to download the update. Do not neglect this step!

Alternative Firefox Verify Options

There are alternative versions for checking the version of downloaded by Mozilla Firefox. Choose the one that seems simpler to you:

  • Enter the “about: support” request in the address bar and press Enter. In the open window you will see all the details about the version and browser settings;
  • Go specialized link. If your browser requires updating, the corresponding message will be displayed. There you will find a link to download the current version of the browser;

Remember that using the current version of the browser is the key to your security on the Internet!

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