How to enable Java in Firefox

Java is a special programming language without whose support Mozilla Firefox on a computer will not be able to display the interactive contents of the page. Each user can easily check if he is supported by a Java browser or not.

Go to, click on the red button and wait a while. If you see the interactive content of the page, then Java is supported and all is well. If in front of you instead of the contents only a gray screen, then something is wrong. It is possible that Java is not supported or the current version is outdated.


The user can turn on Java on his own. Click on the corresponding button on the page. Mozilla will ask: temporarily allow or allow and remember? In the first case, Java turns on once. When you go back to the page, you will have to turn on Java support again. In the second case, everything is simpler. You turn on once and when you visit again, enjoy the contents.

We put Java from scratch

If Java is not supported in the current version of the browser, you have the ability to easily install it. Go to and select “Free Download”. Please note: this plugin is distributed completely free and it is absolutely safe for your browser.

After download Firefox browser will show you a warning. Click on it to run the installer. To do this, click Install. During installation, the application will offer to install additional software. It is recommended to refuse it, for this, remove pre-installed checkmarks.

Press the Next button, and when the Close button appears. Everything, Java is installed in your browser and you can enjoy the interactive content of the pages. If the interactive content is still not shown, try restarting the browser. After that, everything should work.

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