How to enable Javascript in Mozilla Firefox

The Java purpose in the browser is the ability to view interactive elements embedded in the site, such as multimedia objects, including animation, pictures, video materials, etc. By default, the submitted script is configured to automatically start, but sometimes there may be problems with operation and it can be restarted or disabled. In some cases, problems with the engine can cause the firefox program to work slowly. In this case, the ability to disable or restart the function will be more than useful for any user.

Features of turning on and off Javascript in Firefox

Java Script Settings Management at Mozilla Firefox does not require a restart of the browser and can be done in one of the following ways:

  • drive to the address bar “about: config”and we agree that we will be careful;
  • using the search bar we find the item“enabled;
  • right-click “Switch;
  • set the parameter “false”

The process of including Firefox for Android is also simple and provides for the same steps, but with the election of the “true” parameter.

Option with no Java in browser

In some cases, the script may not be in the browser. To solve such misunderstandings, you must download free Javascript and manually start installing it. The installer can be downloaded without any difficulty from the official website of the company, which will not be difficult provided that you have a connection to the network. The installation procedure itself is simple and understandable to every user who has little experience installing and deleting software packages.

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