Cookies in Firefox

Privacy in modern browsers is given a lot of attention. The Cookie tool is used everywhere, which stores data on the user’s computer for further identification in the system. Cookies in Firefox allow you to save your time, since you will not need to constantly log or repeat actions for your personalization.

It may seem to many that cookies are malicious files that are used by services to make extra money on you. It is for this reason that those who downloaded Firefox for Android or PC try to block them.

In fact, cookies were created for the added convenience of users. So, for example, the corresponding line can have the following form: name = topaz245. Is there any of your personal data or files in this line that could harm you?

How to configure cookies in Mozilla Firefox?

If you want to completely get rid of the saved cookies in this browser, then you will need to go to the menu item “Privacy. To do this, you will need to go to “History“, select the item”Use your storage settings“and click”Show Cookies.


The window that appears will display sites that use this format and the saved data. You can easily remove those cookies that seem suspicious or harmful.

In addition, you can completely turn off the cookie save function. For those who managed to download Firefox for the computer, it is necessary to uncheck the item “Accept Cookies of Sites” in the same tab. After rebooting the browser, the changes will come into force.


In general, cookie is a useful tool, who proved his safety and necessity. Remember that after making changes you will need to re-enter all accounts or enter data. If you are not sure that you need it, then you better refrain from changing these settings!

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