Methods to remove Internet Search from Mozilla Firefox

The number of malware for personal computers is simply huge. All of them certainly affect productivity, and can also lead to the loss of your personal data or payment data. It is for this reason that when installing programs from the Internet, it is necessary to choose not an automated installation, but a manual option. In this case, you will be able to remove unwanted checkmarks.

If you made a mistake, then you need to know how to remove Internet Search from Mozilla Firefox. There are several alternatives that will allow Mozilla to remain safe.

Universal solution for each

For those who want to forget about such troubles once and for all, numerous antiviruses have been created. Most of them are extremely expensive for personal use, but Avast has created a universal tool – Avast Browser CleanUp.

Browser CleanUp is a free program that effectively removes any viral extensions from modern browsers. Download and install it from the developer’s official website, and then select the required browser in the main menu and click “Clean”.

Be sure that you will not have any problems with this option!

The simplest solution to problems

If you do not want to spend time installing extraneous programs, then have time to download Mozilla for free for your computer and use the built-in cleaning tool. To do this, enter “about: support” in the address bar and go to this address.

There you will find the Firefox Cleaning key, which was created by the developers of this browser. Built-in cleaning systems will relieve you of all extraneous programs and extensions, which will allow you to use a “clean” browser. All your personal data will remain intact, but it is still recommended to change passwords.

The final option is to completely remove the browser and all its components, as well as check the registry for malicious files. In general, each user chooses the most convenient option that will allow him to comfortably use his favorite device!

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