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Mozilla Firefox is the most frequently used web browser with an interface in Russian. It is intended for computers, tablets, phones. Download Mozilla Firefox for the phone will be able to each user with access to the World Wide Web.

Features of the Mosilla Firefox browser

Mozilla Firefox, unlike other browsers, lacks a number of different errors that unnecessarily loaded the video chip, processor, memory. Therefore, using Firefox consumes less power from the phone’s battery.


In the browser you can find web pages with the desired text, share information with a friend, view the full versions of sites, save information in the form of a PDF document, change the encoding, configure synchronization, add a bookmark, update a page, view the download list. The parameters of the Firefox application allow you to remember password changes, delete unnecessary data, update telemetry, plugins, as well as enter requests to search for any information on the Internet.

The highlight of Mozilla was the availability of a special Ad Block Plus supplement, which is designed to block advertising, which is abundant in user-visited sites. And also the browser supports Adobe Flash Player (after pre-downloading and installing the program on the phone).

Advantages and disadvantages

The main benefits of the Mozilla Firefox web browser include:

  • speed and download web pages;
  • a large selection of extensions;
  • access to search history and bookmarks;
  • automatic browser update;
  • availability of a built-in search from Wikipedia, Twitter, Yandex and Google;
  • increased security against viruses when searching on the Internet or downloading information, applications to the phone;

In addition to its undeniable merits, Firefox also has several disadvantages. These include:

  • lack of regular changes in browser design;
  • rare but existing memory leaks;
  • malfunctions during the simultaneous use of Firefox and other software applications.


The stages of installing the browser on the phone

The downloading process of the Mozilla Firefox web browser is simple and can be done independently. To do this, you will need to perform a number of sequential actions:

  1. Connect from phone to internet.
  2. Search the web browser download page on the Internet and click on the link.
  3. Select the tab on the page that appearsDownload“or”Download for free“, designed to download installation files, and” click “on it by double-clicking the mouse key.
  4. After loading the installation file onto the phone, you need to “click” the file icon with the mouse and wait for the dialog box to appear. In the window that appears, select the “keySet“and” click “on it.

After completing the listed sequential steps, the Mozilla Firefox web browser will be fully loaded on the phone and ready to use. You can run Mozilla by double-clicking on the browser icon.

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