Opera or Firefox? What to choose?

The more profitable it is to browse pages on the Internet: Opera or Firefox? Compare multiple characteristics (they don’t argue about tastes, but you can discuss the speed of the browser):

Performance. Mozilla works on the modern Gecko engine, and the markup language is XUL. Opera cannot boast of this. Thanks to this, page loading in the Mozilla Firefox browser occurs a little faster than a competitor. On the other hand, this difference is not very large, some people may not even be noticeable.

Functionality. Here Opera is far behind and can no longer catch Firefox. The thing is, downloaded by Mozilla from our site can be supplemented by a bunch of different plugins, extensions, etc. With Mozilla, everything is not so rosy for the phone, but here the browser can be improved. Downloading video (any downloader), anonymity on the network (proxy server), blocking annoying advertising (recommended to use adblock) – all this is available with special extensions.

Anonymity. Here is some advantage for Opera. Built-in VPN gives security when browsing the Internet. An additional plus is the ability to view even blocked pages. Another thing is that much of what is in Opera can be in Firefox if you take advantage of additional extensions. But plus you can still write off the benefits of Opera for less body movements.

Mosilla and Opera Browser Interface

Interface is not least a matter of habit. As a rule, it seems more convenient what I started to use first. Exceptions exist, but for this, either a new interface should be many times more convenient, or the first before the unbelief is bad.

In the case of both browsers, we do not observe either the first or the second. Therefore, the interface is really a matter of habit.

True, Firefox also wins a little due to the great opportunities in terms of individual tuning. Do not like what is? Redo and do better!

Conclusion: what to choose Opera or Firefox?

Which browser to choose for work?

There is no definite answer. If you have tried only one browser so far, try another. Compare them. Rate what is best for you.

If you have tried both, determine what is more important to you. Extensive settings, functionality and performance? Then Firefox is your choice. Anonymity on the network? The ability to visit any sites you want without additional body movements? Then it is recommended to use Opera.

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