Proxy for Firefox

Why proxy servers?

Each computer on the network has its own name – IP address. Servers record each user login to the website page and determine the territorial affiliation. Thus, some resources allow you to limit the access of users of certain countries or cities. For example, servers in China and Turkey block any use of the website of the social group Vkontakte. The presence of a proxy server allows you to mask the real IP computer, therefore the geographical location. This allows you to visit the site anywhere in the world, remaining unidentified.

The use of proxies allows employees to use social networks in the workplace. In this case, no programmer will be able to block access. After all, restriction settings include previously assigned computer addresses. The employer will no longer be able to control the employee’s actions on the network.

Existing Incognito Regime Mozilla does not allow to hide its activities on the network.

Proxy action principle

When a user types the site address in the search bar (or clicks on the link), a request to network services is generated. From them goes to the proxy server, where the address is checked for the absence of a ban. If the result is positive, the request is returned to the computer and the required page is opened. At this point, the IP PC is hidden. How to hide your work in Firefox?


  1. Using online proxy. The convenience is that they are not installed on a PC. Exhausting work on selecting server work addresses disappears. Online proxy will automatically substitute the necessary data and encrypt the presence on the network.

Proven online proxy servers:


  1. Manual proxy settings for Firefox. We open Settings – Additional – Network – Configuring connection parameters. We note “Manual tuning. The field “HTTP proxy” fill in the addresses of proxies and the port. It looks like The selection of the server address, which would not only hide the presence on the network, but also quickly download the pages, is quite complicated. But among the list of free and paid proxies you can find the right one.

An example of free lists of proxy server addresses:

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