Viewing history in Mozilla Firefox is not difficult!

From time to time, each Internet user needs to remember which website he visited. In order not to keep numerous records, each modern browser retains the history of visits in various categories, which differ only in time (“Today”, “7 Days”, “Yesterday”, etc.). In general, checking this information is not difficult, but many are interested in how to see the story in the Faerfox Mosil.

If you use a mosilica, then one of the most relevant tips is to use the toolbar. First, you need to select the item “Journal” on the working surface at the top of the screen. If you cannot find her, then click F10 / F11 on the keyboard. Then click “All Magazine. The open window will provide all the necessary information. An alternative is to use a combination Ctrl + Shift + H.

If you managed to download Mozilla for free for your computer, you can use the history check through the menu. Select a button with three horizontal stripes “Opening the menu”, and then in the open window select a button with a clock icon. If you want to get the most complete information, then you should choose “Show the magazine”. There you will also have access to filtering by visit time and some other characteristics.

Of course, sometimes it is necessary to keep track of visited sites and in alternative programs. By moving to the point of history, you can always copy the addresses of sites or search queries to the third utility: Notepad, Word and others. Now, knowing all the secrets of use Mozilla firefox, You can solve absolutely any problem, as well as find the necessary site, the address of which you forgot. There is nothing complicated about this!

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