Incognito mode in Mozilla Firefox

The incognito mode in Firefox is a reliable tool for extracting some anonymity on the Internet. The browser launched in this mode does not save history, cookies, cleans temporary files and does not remember the search history.

It is important that the employer or system administrator does not see your activity on the Internet, other means are required. Incognito mode is mainly used to protect against “home control” or away.

How to start a private mode in Mozilla?

Mozilla for PC has three ways to start incognito mode:

  • In the menu “File”. Left-click on the menu, and then click on the “open private window” option.
  • In the upper right menu. See the icon, consisting of three sticks in the upper right corner? Click on it, and then hover over the icon as a mask. Press and the new window will open.
  • Click on any link right mouse button. It can also be opened in a new private window.

After opening a new window, it is better to check whether the anonymous mode is enabled or not. Go to any online service in which you are already authorized. If the incognito mode is enabled, you will find yourself on the main page, and the system will offer you to log in again.

This means that cookies are a tool with which sites recognize their users in incognito mode are disabled. You can log in, do any things, but as soon as the private window is closed, the cookies will also disappear.

Important: if in a private window you downloaded any files or added sites to bookmarks, this will continue after the window closes. If you want to maintain maximum anonymity, it is recommended to make sure that the bookmarks were not added by chance.

We protect ourselves from surveillance by the provider

To protect yourself from surveillance by the authorities, system administrator or provider, you must replace your IP address on the Internet. There are many ways (mainly free) for this. Key include TOR, VPN, or anonymizers.

If you need to install additional software to use TOR, then for an anonymizer it is usually enough to go to the service and enter the site address in an online form. Download Mozilla Firefox for free.

Usually, such methods of anonymizing their actions on the network are more than enough.

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