Delete History in Firefox

Saving visited pages is a must for every browser. Many users want to hide the history of visits from others, but they do not know the exact plan of action. If you are wondering how to delete a story in Firefox, then check out the material below. In it you will surely find answers to all your questions.

History removal scheme in the Mozilla Firefox browser

In order to completely clear the list of Internet pages you visited, you must open the menu item (button with three stripes in the extreme right part of the window above) and select the “Journal”. Then you should click on the “Show the entire log” command. Then you can do one of the following methods:

  • Choose teams in the following order “Management»- >”Select All»- >”Delete;
  • Complete cleaning can be done by clicking on the menu “Magazine»- >”Delete History;

In addition, you can immediately determine for which time period it is necessary to delete data. So, for example, deletion options are available in the last hour, two, four and so on. In the end, select “Delete Now.

Alternative History Options

For those who have managed to download Firefox for a computer or phone, an alternative option for protecting such data is available – you can set a password for viewing history. Unfortunately, the browser does not have built-in tools, however, in this case the expansion of the Public Box and the like will help.

To install it, select the command “Menu»- >”Additions»- >”Get additions. In the search bar, type the name of the supplement and set it. For the final configuration, go to the address bar on “about: addons” and select “Configure” opposite the name of the extension.

A window opens in which you need to set the item near “Lock Library (Downloads / History / Tags / Bookmarks / etc” and enter the password twice below. After these steps, no stranger will be able to find out what you were doing at the workplace.

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