Speed up Firefox. How to speed up Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla is one of the fastest browsers. Google Chrome and some young projects can compete with him. However, many users have problems associated with a browser deceleration. A logical question appears – how to accelerate Firefox.


System requirements

As a rule, many lose their speed due to the fact that the iron is already outdated. Firefox puts forward certain conditions that the system must meet: 200 mb hard drive, 512 mb RAM, Pentium from 4 generation. However, some features should be taken into account – over many years of using a computer, it loses its working capacity due to increased humidity, dust particles and many other factors. That is why, launching the 1999 Mosilla browser on the PC, one should not be surprised at the braking of the browser. High resolution video gives an additional load on the GPU. For the browser to show Full HD well, you should have video memory of at least 512 mb.

Main problems

The browser can work slowly due to extensions, topics, plugins. And it really is. As practice shows, the more individual settings the application has, the slower it functions. Moreover, this applies not only to old, but also to new models built on the basis of Intel i5 3570k. For example, the famous AdBlock, which hides unwanted content, consumes almost 60 mb of RAM and this despite the fact that his rival uBlock does this work in just 1.5 mb. In addition, additions that did not pass the entire modification with the system began to be blocked. In particular, McAfee belongs to them. In this regard, the first thing to do is check all the plugins, and only then proceed to other ways to solve difficulties.

How to solve difficulties

Not every user can buy a new PC for himself, and it’s not always the case in him. Below are some simple solutions to speed up Firefox:

  • see which version of the browser and if it is outdated, you should update it;
  • for the processor, video card and motherboard, only the latest software should be installed;
  • clear the cache and cookies;
  • reset all settings using the “Clear Firefox” function;
  • start an an antivirus and make sure that there are no malware on the computer. Otherwise, cure them;
  • check the performance of the operating system using the instructions posted on the Microsoft official website;
  • all applications that block unwanted content on pages should be carefully configured;
  • download Mozilla for free and reinstall.
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