Firefox hangs. What to do?

Firefox begins to hang over time or inimaginably slow down. What to do?

First of all, determine the cause. Perhaps the fact is that the old computer no longer supports a large number of simultaneously opened applications? Check the following:

  • Run task manager and look at the number of open applications and ongoing processes.
  • If many programs work at the same time, try closing some unnecessary ones. Preferably, those that consume a lot of system resources.


Is the problem resolved? If so, then most likely you will have to use Mozilla for a PC of an older version. Typically, such programs are less demanding on computer resources.

However, there is another solution, a compromise.

Check your computer for malicious code or just unnecessary applications. Over time, they all accumulate. Helped? Did the browser work better? If so, then maybe the old computer will still work for some time.

Important information: iron manufacturers are releasing new drivers (“firewood”) that can reveal the potential of the computer to the fullest. Do not forget to regularly update. In this case, it is possible to achieve a more efficient and productive computer operation.


Sometimes users like to improve their browser and add many additional plugins and extensions to it. Unfortunately, some of them can consume a lot of system resources, which translates into a freeze or “brake”.

Conduct an audit of the available extensions and make sure that, firstly, they are all needed, and secondly, that they do not consume a lot of resources. If this is not so, remove the excess extensions and then the browser will work with renewed vigor.

Does the Firefox browser hang out completely?

What if the browser is completely dependent and has ceased to respond to any manipulation?

Run the task manager (by pressing ctrl, alt and delete keys at a time). In the list that opens, select firefox and click on the “remove task” button. Then, the tools built into the operating system will be able to complete the application. After that, try running the browser in the usual way. Earned? If so, you can write off the hang for a simple accident and continue to work on the computer further.

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