DAEMON Tools Lite

DAEMON Tools Lite is a “lite” version of the program used to emulate CD / DVD discs. It is completely free, but has some functional limitations. The article will discuss its features, installation and use. Let’s start with the first point.


Why is it “lightweight”? The answer to this question will help you figure out what kind of DAEMON Tools Lite program it is. Such a postscript to the name of the software indicates that its feature set has been reduced. But with the tasks of an ordinary user, he will still do an excellent job.

The main feature of this software is its freeware. Unlike DT Pro, its use is not limited to a two-week period, after which a subscription is required.

The functions of mounting and creating images are preserved. But the number of virtual drives has been reduced to four. True, in normal situations, more than one is not required. But more serious functions are already missing. So, for example, it will not be possible to edit the contents of an iso file. Hot keys are also not supported, but this is not so important.

Using a

Let’s move on to using this program. The case of mounting an existing one will be considered. But before you go to them, you need to go through the installation procedure. We will start with her.


DAEMON Tools Lite can be downloaded for free atNow run DTLiteInstaller.exe. Choose the first activation option. The installation procedure is activated, in the appropriate window, click on “Install”.Triple-click “Next”, and then click on the button to start copying. In the end, you will be offered to install Yandex services in the system. We recommend that you refuse this. Uncheck all relevant items and click “Finish”.

Mounting an image

Now let’s consider a case of how you can easily mount a virtual disk on your computer. At the bottom of the program window is the area of ​​added drives. Click on the element labeled “Quick Mount”.Specify the path to a disk image with a compatible format. The virtual drive will appear in the device list. To remove it, return to DT Lite, hover over the corresponding element below and click on the erase icon.And then click on it again.


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