Image won’t mount in DAEMON Tools

No matter how advanced a computer program is, it will not be able to function completely flawlessly. This also applies to the world famous DAEMON Tools virtual drive emulator. It is not uncommon for users to complain about the inability to mount a disk image. What causes such failures, and how to fix them? Variant DAEMON Tools errors

Crash Fix

As a rule, failures when DAEMON Tools does not mount an image occur because the corresponding file is occupied by another program. It is also possible that it is damaged or under-inflated. In some cases, the problem lies in the program itself. Each of the presented problems has its own solution method.

Method 1: Closing unnecessary programs

Often the problem when an image is not mounted in DAEMON Tools is due to the fact that it is already occupied by another program. The most common situation: the file was downloaded via a torrent client, after which the distribution began. In this case, it would be logical to just close it. Exit uTorrent And you can turn off all programs by restarting the computer. Then try again, it is recommended to temporarily remove the antivirus.

Method 2: Downloading the image file

The “Image file is locked” error may also indicate that the document is corrupted. Incorrect image in DAEMON ToolsWhat to do in such situations? It is not possible to restore it using the standard means of the operating system. Therefore, the most logical solution is to re-download this file.

Method 3: Reinstall the program

Sometimes mounting failures are caused precisely by corrupted program components. In this case, it must be completely removed, and then re-installed. Let’s start with the first step.

Open Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features on your computer. You will definitely find one of these tools in the control panel list. Next, select the DAEMON Tools item from the list. DAEMON Tools in Programs and FeaturesAnd then activate its uninstallation. Wait for it to finish, then go to the article “DAEMON Tools” from our website. It contains brief instructions for installing the program.

Universal methods

What to do if none of the presented methods helped? To get started, use the restart function on your computer. Next, make sure the image is not already mounted. See if you can populate the virtual drive with other content. If this does not help, then it’s time to check your computer for virus threats.

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