Working with images in DAEMON Tools

DAEMON Tools is a powerful tool for creating virtual drives and making copies of discs. Of course, the functions of the program are not limited to this. But these two possibilities are considered the most popular.

Interaction with images

Working with images inside this software is organized in a very convenient way. The three functions of greatest interest are mount, unmount, and create. Each of them is devoted to a separate section of the article.


The most popular function is how to mount an image in DAEMON Tools. It is called from the program quite simply. A panel is placed on top, which includes many tiles. Click on the very first one, with the text “Mount”.Mount button in DAEMON Tools ProNext, specify the location of the image file that you want to emulate on the virtual drive.

There is another alternative. Open the Drives section. Right click on free space. Then select the option “Add DT drive”. Double click on the element that appears. And then specify the location of the disk image.


No less important is the instruction on how to unmount the image in DAEMON Tools. After all, their maximum number cannot exceed 32 pieces, so each time a new virtual disk cannot be added. In addition, it will load the resources of the computer, which will lead to a decrease in the performance of the operating system as a whole.

Let’s return to the main topic. Go to the “Drives” section again.DAEMON Tools Drives SectionRight-click on an occupied drive. And then select the “Unmount” option. It can also be called through the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + M. They must be pressed simultaneously. .png”>Unmount in DAEMON Tools

The emulated drive can still be removed entirely, and not just cleared of its contents. To do this, call the context menu again. But now click LMB on the item to delete it.


It is worth mentioning separately how to create a disk image in DAEMON Tools. The program also has such a function. You will find the corresponding tool in the top panel. Create Image Button in DAEMON Tools

  • In the “Drive” section, specify the drive from which the recording will be made. In this case, the speed, as a rule, cannot be changed. But if such a function turns out to be available, then you should not set high values. Write a DAEMON image Tools
  • In “Save as” you need to specify the path where the created file will be written, as well as its name.
  • Choose the best format for it. ISO is the most popular now.
  • Compression can be configured for the document, as well as a unique password can be set.
  • When you have set all the parameters, press Start.
  • After a while, a success message will appear. Then close this window. Successfully writing DAEMON image Tools Lite

That’s all for the main points of working with images in DT. The interface of the program is quite simple. Therefore, there should not be any difficulties with the implementation of the steps described above.

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