iTunes for Android

iTunes is Apple’s official software that allows you to transfer files between iOS mobile devices and computers. Many owners of gadgets with Android are interested in whether this program is suitable for them.

Itunes analogs for Android

Downloading iTunes on Android will not work, because the program is designed for smartphones and tablets on a different platform. Accordingly, there is no point in installing it. But there are several worthy replacements that offer similar features. The article will talk about DoubleTwist, iSyncr and Synctunes.

The general principle of using any of the presented applications is as follows: you need to install it on a mobile device, as well as install a special client for a PC, then activate synchronization.


DoubleTwist Player is a multimedia processor for working with music on your smartphone or tablet. Here you can listen to audio, create playlists and much more. There is a catalog of podcasts and Internet radio. But the most interesting is the synchronization function. Unfortunately, it is paid. The price is $6. 3861″ doubleTwist overview

For a computer, you need to download a special program through which synchronization will be performed. You can transfer not only music, but also video files. Data transfer is available in both directions.

Official website –


Another good analogue of iTunes for Android is iSyncr. The application offers the following features:

  • Connect via cable or USB.
  • Ability to transfer data from o internal memory or SD card.
  • Easy to use.
  • Close interaction with the Rocket Music Player.
  • Sync iTunes music libraries and more.

iSyncr overviewNow consider the case of connecting the phone via a USB cable:

  1. Launch the app on your mobile device.
  2. Select the connection type USB.
  3. Open the program client on your PC.
  4. In the tray, click on its PC icon.
  5. Specify the memory type for subsequent synchronization.Select connection type iSyncr
  6. Now fill in the required details and select the launch option.

Official page –


If you decide to download iTunes for Android, then pay attention to the Synctunes program. It offers the possibility of synchronizing audio and video between phone and PC. The connection is made via Wi-Fi. In a special program, you need to select the data types to transfer and click on Start Sync. But setting up a USB connection in this case will not work. Synctunes overview

Official site –


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to download iTunes for Android. But you can use one of the presented programs to synchronize media files on your PC and your mobile device. Definitely select the best of them will not work. We recommend to try each, and then draw conclusions. Appropriate applications can be downloaded from the Play Market. Links can be found on the official websites.

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