iTunes error 0xc000007b

iTunes is also available for installation on Windows. For its launch, the program requires a number of system libraries. If she does not find them, then the work of software becomes impossible. This situation includes the 0xc000007b error when iTunes is not started.

Error Type 0xc000007b iTunes

Three main reasons for this problem can be distinguished: the use of outdated versions of drivers and other software, the lack of necessary system components, and the damage to the necessary libraries.

Error correction methods

For each of the cases, there is a correction option. First of all, it is worth updating the device drivers to the latest versions, this also applies to DirectX. Then comes the installation of the desired system components. If this did not help, then most likely the matter is damage to the necessary libraries. In this case, you can use the built-in fix utility or roll Windows.

Option 1: Driver Update and DirectX

iTunes may conflict with old versions of software installed on a computer. Therefore, you need to update the driver for the graphical adapter and motherboard. If you have a laptop, then go to the page of its model on the official website of the manufacturer. There you can download the latest drivers. The situation with the computer is similar. Find in the search for a device model and download the latest software from the developer’s website. In Windows 10, the DirectX update is not required. But this does not apply to early versions of the operating system. You can download the version of the component that is suitable for your computer at

Option 2: Installing system components

The error when starting the 0xc0000007b iTunes application is sometimes associated with the absence of some components in the system. It’s about .NET Framework, as well as Microsoft Visual C ++. Therefore, they need to be downloaded and installed to fix the problem. Link to download the current version .NET Framework – .NET FrameworkMVC ++ 2015 you can download on the pageNote: It is recommended to download component versions for both 32-bit systems and 64-bit ones. Otherwise, compatibility problems may arise in programs other than Aityuns.

Option 3: Error Correction Utility

There is another method for how to fix a 0xc000007b error when iTunes is not running. It will help solve the problem if it is caused by damage to system components. They will be helped by the built-in sfc utility. On the menu “Start”, find a directory with a name “Standard” or “Service”. It should contain a point “Command line”. Press it with the right key and select the start with the privileges of the administrator. In the new window, enter the following:sfc / scannowsfc on the Command LineThis will cause a system component analysis procedure. If any problems are detected, the computer will try to fix them.

Option 4: System Recovery

Even if the sfc team did not correct this failure, then only the last resort remains – the restoration of the system.In this case, all installed programs will be deleted, the OS parameters will return to the original values. But any user data will be saved. Recovery will come from the Control Panel. Also start searching for the desired item in the Start. The G8 rollback instruction you can learn in the text “Restoration of the Windows system 8”. The rollback procedure for other OS versions is approximately the

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