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On iTunes, you need to sign in to your account in order to be able to sync purchases, music, and other media content on your iOS phone or tablet. For this, a single Apple ID account is used, which is also valid for the App Store.


iTunes exists as an application for mobile devices. There are movies, series and music available for purchase. There is also a dedicated PC software. It serves to interact with a mobile device on iOS. And the authorization procedure for each case will be different. Let’s consider each of them.

Option 1: iTunes Store on mobile

How do I sign in to the iTunes Store? To get started, launch the app with the same name on your mobile device. Next, tap on the item with the name Sign In (in Russian translation – “Login”). Enter your Apple ID and password, and then confirm the action. Window iTunes Store login

Option 2: iTunes for PC

First, you need to install this software on your computer. The corresponding instruction is described in our article. Short version:

  1. Download the software from
  2. Open the downloaded document.
  3. Click Next, set the initial settings.
  4. Wait while the files are transferred, then click Finish.

The program will open immediately. Now let’s go directly to the entrance of the iTunes Store from the computer. In the window that appears, there is a menu of tools at the top. Open the “Account” tab and click on “Login…”.iTunes Apple ID login windowEnter your Apple ID and click on the authorization button.

Note: You must log in with the same account that you use on your mobile device. Otherwise, synchronization of media content, applications, purchases and other information will not be possible.

Login to another account

Now let’s look at how to log into iTunes from a computer with a different Apple ID. The whole task consists of two stages: log out of the current profile and log in under another one. With the second, everything is clear, but we will focus on the first.

Open the appropriate program on your PC. Call the “Account” menu again. But this time, choose “Exit…”. As a matter of fact, now it remains only to re-login and switch to using Apple software.


Surely, everyone had a situation when the login data was lost. A convenient procedure for restoring them is available for iTunes. Restore Apple ID in iTunes
iTunes password reset selectionYou will be presented with two options:

  • Reset via email.
  • Reset by typing answers for questions you have set.

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