How to download music from iphone to itunes

Many users are interested in how to download music through Aitjuns through iPhone. The article discusses this issue in detail, as well as an alternative option for moving audio files. It consists in using third-party programs.

iTunes port

Now let’s move on to the main part of the process. Activate iTunes on your computer, connect the iPhone to it. Open tab “Mediateka”. You must open the section “Music”.Music Tab at the Media Library in AitjunsNow drag the music files into the program window and sort them.


Audio files are already uploaded to the program. And how now to download music to Aitjuns from a computer? To do this, activate the synchronization option with the phone. To do this, act in accordance with this instruction. First of all, you must connect the iPhone to the PC. You can do this both in a wired and wireless way. Launch iTunes and open “Review” in the list of devices. Go to the menu “Parameters”, there you need to enable the function “Work music …”. Now open the section “Music” and check the box opposite the point “Cynchronize”.Sync iTunesIndicate the compositions that you want to transfer to the iPhone, and then click on the button “Apply”. The procedure for moving files will take some time.

Transfer via iTools

There is a way to download music to iPhone without iTunes. The iTools program is designed for this. It is notable for the fact that the process of downloading audio files with its help takes less time, since it does not require synchronization. Consider the rest of the features.

Program Features

Among the benefits of iTools are free software, speed, user-friendly interface and simplified file transfer procedure. Previously, the software did not have Russian, but now it is available.ITools program typeThe main disadvantage of the program is the lack of a sorting function for music files, and editing ID3 signatures. In this case, the cataloging of the audio library will have to be performed directly from the smartphone, which is not always convenient.


It makes no sense to paint the iTools installation procedure, it is identical with other programs. To download this software, it is recommended to use the official website. Link to the Russian-language version –В first connect the gadget to the computer using cable and run Ituls. Find a section there “Music” and open it. Click on the inscription “Import”.Import to iToolsIndicate the music files you want to download. When you confirm the action, the transfer of tracks to your smartphone will immediately begin. Sync is not required.

Valid Audio File Formats

Apple’s mobile devices have support for these music formats:

  • WAV.
  • Apple Lossless (high quality).
  • AAC.
  • MP3.
  • Audible and some others.

If you do not manage to transfer the musical composition to a mobile device using Aitunes, then most likely its format is not supported for playback on iOS. In this case, you can use a special converter to convert the file, for example, to

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