How to download music from itunes to iphone

Unfortunately, you cannot directly transfer music from PC to iPhone. To do this, use special software called iTunes. With it, it is possible to perform various interactions with mobile devices on iOS, including downloading media files. Let’s dwell on this point and study in detail the nuances of how to throw music on the iPhone through Aitjuns.

Transferring tracks to iTunes

First of all, you need to throw the audio file into the Aitjuns media library. To do this, open the program. Go to tab “Mediateka”.Media Tab in iTunesAll media files you want to move to your smartphone must be moved to this window. Using a special menu, they can be cataloged (create playlists and so on).

Enabling synchronization

But on this procedure, as with Aityuns to throw music on iPhone, is not finished. It is also necessary in the program to activate synchronization with a mobile device. It is included as follows:

  1. Connect the mobile device via cable or Internet connection.
  2. Call the iTunes program.
  3. Find a point in the window “Devices”, in it open “Review”.
  4. Click on “Parameters” and activate the option “Work music …”.
  5. Go to tab “Music” and activate the synchronization function.Sync iTunes
  6. Highlight all the documents that you need to download to your phone and click “Apply”.
  7. Wait for the procedure to end and turn off the smartphone.

If you only understand how to throw music on your iPhone through iTunes, it is important to know about the music formats available for playing for files.

Available music formats

Devices running iOS are able to play the following music formats:

  • WAV.
  • MP3.
  • Audible.
  • Apple Lossless.
  • AAC and their possible variations.

This is important information on how to throw music through iTunes. After all, if you try to transfer a file with an extension that is not supported as a track, an appropriate error will occur. In this situation, you can convert the track to the format that can be played on a smartphone or tablet from Apple. Use the media converter for this.

Using iTools

It’s not necessary to figure out how to upload music to iPhone through Aitjuns. This can be done with the iTools program. Download it is available atОткройте download file and click in each installer window “Next”.Installing iToolsAt the end, click on the button “Done”. On this installation of the program is completed, it will immediately open. To throw music into the phone using the program, you must connect it to a computer or laptop. Then in the iTools window go to “Music”. Find a button “Import” and click on it.

Import to iTools

On the menu, specify the location of the audio files and click on the confirmation.Note: in the section “Music” you can also listen to any downloaded musical compositions.Options for how to throw music through iTunes and using iTools have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the second case, less action is required. But there is no possibility of sorting the downloaded

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