How to sync iPhone with iTunes

The procedure for connecting an Apple mobile device to a laptop or PC is distinguished by its simplicity. But it is impossible without using a special program. In this article, we will deal with how to synchronize iPhone with Aitjuns on a computer.

Connecting a smartphone to a PC

Connecting the iPhone to the PC will be done by 2 in various ways. Either a USB cable is used for this, or everything is done through a home Wi-Fi network. Each user has the right to choose how it will be more convenient for him. For example, if the wire was lost or only works for charging, then the second is perfect. And in the absence of home wireless Internet – the first.

1 method: USB cable

Open on the Aitjuns PC. Next, connect the iPhone to it using a special cable. In the program window, under the elements of the play control, a pictogram of the new device will appear.Icon of the new iTunes deviceNeed to click on it. Section “Settings” includes various data libraries that can be transferred. Select the desired category. In this case, will be considered “Music”. There are two transfer options: the entire library or individual components, for example, the indicated playlists. Check next to the item “Connize music”, select the desired mode and click “Done”.The button is ready when synchronizing iTunes musicAt the end, click on “Cynchronize”.

2 method: Wi-Fi

iTunes has the function of wireless connection of devices on iOS with PC. The main requirement in this case is the availability of a Wi-Fi network in the house, which can be accessed. Usually the file transfer time in this case will be longer. But the differences are not very noticeable. Now let’s figure out how to sync the iPhone with iTunes via WiFi. To start, connect the smartphone with the PC using the usual method. Next, in iTunes you need to go to the device parameters. The second point is the wireless synchronization option.Configuring wireless synchronization in iTunesActivate it and accept the changes. Now disconnect the USB wire. However, the connection will not be broken. In the future, just enter the Wi-Fi home network, then the device will be displayed in the program window.

Deactivation of synchronization

It will seem interesting to many users not only how to sync iPhone with Aitjuns via WiFi, but also how to disable this function. And this is done extremely simply. It’s enough to simply uncheck the synchronization point. Then data transfer will no longer be performed.

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