How to update iPhone through iTunes on a computer

Often, updating firmware on Apple’s mobile devices “by air” for some reason is not possible. For example, the lack of Wi-Fi in the house, but there are other circumstances. In this case, you can install the latest firmware using a computer and a special program. Let’s figure out how to update iOS via iTunes.

Smartphone update via computer

You can call the mobile device update window if you connect it to the computer, and then activate iTunes. The program will automatically display a smartphone. If he does not have the latest iOS, then there will be a proposal to install a modern version.

View of the smartphone update window in iTunes

You need to press a button “Update”, then the firmware will start loading, and then its installation will start.

Important: First, make sure that you are using the latest version of the software on the computer. You can find out how to do this in our article: “ITunes Update”.

Possible problems

When updating your iPhone through iTunes, the user may encounter a number of problems. Consider the correction options for two of them. The first is that the request for installation is not shown. The second crash does not allow you to synchronize the smartphone from the PC.

1 situation: No installation request is displayed

If the offer to update the iPhone through iTunes does not appear automatically, then you can start the procedure manually. To do this, go to the menu of the connected device in the program window. Click on the item “Review”. In the right window, activate the option “Update”.

Smartphone update inside iTunes

And then act on the instructions on the screen.

Situation 2: Problems with iPhone Sync

Updating the iPhone through the Aitjuns becomes impossible if the device does not synchronize with the computer for any reason. For example, a 0xe8000015 error or a crash with the same code may occur.ITunes error 0xe800002dIn such a situation, you should first turn off and turn on the iPhone, as well as restart the PC. Most likely, with the next attempt to overload the device, there will be no problem. You can also connect a USB cable to another port on a computer or laptop. It is recommended to use connectors on the motherboard. It is also advisable to pre-disable all peripheral devices, such as the printer, flash drives and so on, from the PC. If the above options did not help you, use the instructions from the text “Error 0xe8000015 when connecting to iTunes”

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