How to update iTunes

iTunes is required for owners of Apple devices to connect the gadget to a computer or laptop. This is a multifunctional program with which you can transfer music, movies, images to your smartphone or tablet and back. Other functions are also available in it, including purchases. The developer constantly releases new versions of Aitunes. Old errors are corrected in them, new functions are added and performance is refined. Accordingly, in order to get the full capabilities of the program, you need to regularly update it.

Getting the latest iTunes version

Usually no action is required from the user, everything happens automatically. But sometimes you need to update Aitjuns on a computer to the latest version manually. And there are three outputs: you can use the special function inside the program, run the Apple Software Update or complete its full reinstallation.

Method 1: Updating within the program

Updating iTunes will work inside the program. Usually a window with a proposal to install the latest version appears when it starts. If it did not arise, then it can be called on its own. To do this, find the inscription on the toolbar “Help”. From there, select the option “Updates”.Checking iTunes Updates

Method 2: Apple Software Update

Together with iTunes, another element appears when installing the program – Apple Software Update. With it, you can perform the update. Running this application will be obtained from the Start. In the list of programs, find the desired item and click on it.

Checking Updates in Apple Software Update

After some time, a list of elements for which new versions are available will be displayed in the window. Highlight the desired and click “Install”.

Method 3: Reinstalling Aituns

Sometimes inside the program, ITunes cannot be updated to the latest version on the computer. In this case, you should completely reinstall it. Act as follows:

  1. Launch the Control Panel on the PC.
  2. Open “Installation and (may also be called “Programs and components”, and also “Deleting the program”).
  3. Find a point iTunes, right-click on it and activate “Delete”.

    Program Removal in Control Panel

  4. Then delete all applications in whose name is present Apple.
  5. Open the page
  6. Launch the downloaded document.
  7. In the window that opens, click on the inscription “Next”.

    Start of iTunes installation

  8. Indicate the location of the program and its language.
  9. It remains only to wait for the installation to complete and open the program.
  • Log in to your profile and continue using Aituns.

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