How to Transfer Music to iPhone Using iTunes

It will not work just to connect the iPhone to a laptop or computer and throw music on it. Similar actions are performed using special software from Apple. The article is devoted to how to transfer music to iPhone through Aitjuns.

Download songs on iPhone

You must run the Aitjuns program. Open section “Mediateka”, and then switch to the tab “Music”.Music Tab at the Media Library in AitjunsThrow any musical compositions into this window, which you will then listen to on your mobile device. Please note that audio recordings can be sorted, playlists created, coverings added for them and all that.

Sync with iPhone

The bulk of the instruction on how to move music to iPhone through Aitjuns is over. It remains only to enable Apple software synchronization with a smartphone. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Join the iPhone to the computer via cable or Wai-Fai.
  2. Then you need to run Aitjuns.
  3. In the devices section, click on “Review”.
  4. Find a parameter window there, activate the option of processing musical compositions in it.
  5. Then open the tab “Music” and enable the function “Cynchronize”.Sync iTunes
  6. Set all the tracks that you want to move to your smartphone, and then click the confirmation button.

This is the easiest option to transfer music to iTunes. Now check out the supported audio formats.

Supported Audio Formats

The iPhone and iPad will be able to enable the playback of the following audio formats: MP3, AAC, WAV, Audible, Apple’s brand name is Lossless, as well as their various variations. When copying music files to a smartphone, an error may occur, or even before the start of the transfer. This suggests that the file extension is not supported by the iOS operating system. It is necessary to convert the track to the desired format. There are special programs for this, you can easily find them on the

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