How to use DAEMON Tools Pro

One of the most popular image programs is DAEMON Tools. She has an impressive list of supported extensions and the ability to connect multiple virtual optical devices. The text provides a brief instruction on how to use the DAEMON Tools Pro program.

Using the program

The Pro version of the program is paid, but there is a two-week trial. From DAEMON Tools Lite, it is characterized by advanced features. With its help, not only emulation of drives is possible, but also removal of the disk image with subsequent editing. The following is an instruction on the installation and use of this software.


  1. Download the DAEMON Tools Pro program.
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. In the first window, you need to specify the desired language (if it differs from the system) and click “Next”.

    Select DT Pro Installation Language

  4. Then select “For the first time you install …”.
  5. Indicate your email inbox.
  6. Then comes the configuration of the components and location, leave everything unchanged.

    Select DT Pro Installation Path

  7. During file transfer, the driver installation window will appear, click the confirmation button.
  8. At the end, you need to enable the option to run the program.

    DT Pro Launch Option

Image mounting

The main function for which users fell in love with DAEMON Tools is to create virtual drives. To call her, click in the program window “Month” and specify the location of the image file.

DT Pro mounting

As a result, a new item will appear in the root directory of the Explorer.


Pro version has a function of removing a copy from a physical disk, followed by saving in a certain extension. In the program, click on “Create an image”, specify the desired drive, the future location of the file, as well as one of the available formats (most often used ISO). At the end, click on the button “Start”, this will start the recording procedure.

Creating a DT Pro Image


One of the most important features of this version of the program is not only the removal of images from optical discs, but also the possibility of editing them in real time. You can enter new files into the file, delete, and edit existing documents. To begin with, you need to enter an image in the software. To do this, open the program and click on the green button “Add”.

Adding a DT Pro Image

Indicate the location of the desired document. Then select it in the window and click on “Editor of images”.The opened menu consists of three blocks: the state of the virtual media (the volume of the maximum and available memory recording), the computer conductor and the contents of the document.

Editing the DT Pro Image

The principle of interaction is standard: transferring files from one field to another. When you finish work, click on “Save” and wait for the changes to be applied. Download the trial two-week version of DAEMON Tools Pro, you can click here

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