How to sync iphone with computer via itunes

Data transfer between iPhone and computer is possible through the official iTunes program. It requires an Apple ID to function properly. Below in the text we will talk about how to synchronize iPhone through iTunes.

Connecting a device

There are two ways to connect a device. In the first case, you will need a USB cable (it is recommended to use the original one). And in the second, it will be possible to synchronize iPhone with a computer for iTunes via WiFi. Then both the smartphone and the PC must be on the same network.

The differences between the methods are convenience and speed. Of course, the first parameter will be higher with a wireless connection. But the second, as a rule, is wired, but this does not always work.

Option 1: USB cable

Launch the connection program on your computer. Then connect the PC to the iPhone through the appropriate cable. Just below the music player control area, the icon of the detected device will appear, click on it.The “Settings” section contains the categories of data available for transfer, go to the desired one, for example, in “Music”. Now you can specify which audio recordings will be transferred. In the standard case, synchronization of the entire library will begin. But you can specify individual libraries. When the preliminary setup is completed, click on “Done”.And then click on Synchronize.

Option 2: Wi-Fi

Itunes provides the ability to wirelessly connect an Apple smartphone to a computer. The only condition for this is that they both must be connected to the same Wai Fai point. The data transfer speed will usually be lower. But the difference is not so significant.

First, connect your iPhone in the standard way. Go to its settings in iTunes. There you will find the option “Sync this…”.It should be enabled. Now you can remove the cable, the window of the synchronized device will still remain. The smartphone will be displayed constantly if connected to the desired Wi-Fi.

Turn off sync

When using this program, you should understand how to synchronize iPhone with a computer via iTunes. But it will also be useful to know how to deactivate this function. And turning it off is pretty easy. Switch to the desired data category again. And then uncheck the sync option. No more files will be moved.

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