How to sync music to iTunes

Listening to music has long been publicly available. It’s not necessary to even buy a special player. This feature is available in almost all mobile devices. What can I say about the iPhone. Its transfer from the computer, as well as in the opposite direction, is carried out through iTunes.

Audio recording transfer

How to sync music to iPhone through Aitjuns? First, make sure you use the latest version of the program. Open it, call the menu “Help” and click on the option “Updates”. Information on the relevance of current software will be displayed.iTunes update statusIf required, then update it using Apple Software Update. Now enable Aitjuns on your laptop or computer. Use the wire to connect it to the iPhone. It is recommended to use the back ports located on the motherboard.

Important: if Aitjuns does not sync music to the iPhone, it is worth checking the status of connecting the mobile device to the computer and rebooting. You can find detailed instructions for solving such problems on our website.

Option 1: Complete Library Sync

Open the connected device to iTunes. Then go to the section “Music” (it is located in the left block). Open the settings menu. There, check the box opposite the first item and select the entire library.The button is ready when synchronizing iTunes musicAnd then click on “Apply”. The data transfer procedure will begin. Until its end, you cannot disconnect the iPhone from the computer.

Important: in this case, the entire contents of the audio library on the smartphone will be replaced by a complete playlist from Aitunes. Therefore, be careful when using this function, otherwise you can lose the saved music on your mobile device.

Option 2: Plaulist Sync

The iTunes feature is very conveniently implemented to sort music. Separate compositions can be combined together, while organizing a playlist. A name is given for him. Create such a playlist and transfer the necessary audio recordings from the program window to it. This time you need to select the option not to transfer the entire library, but to individual components.Partial sync of music in iTunesThen select the desired playlist and add it for the transfer. Most likely, after that, automatic synchronization will start. If it has not begun, then you can run it manually. Here’s how to sync music to Aitjuns individually.

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